How does it work?

Blockchain based B2B payment platform

We make companies more profitable by moving money faster through their supply chains.

OweMe for Banks

OweMe increases the profitability of the supply chain Finance

Increases onboarding of suppliers on SCF

Incentivizes suppliers to use SCF option as early as possible

Increases disbursements from a SCF

Reduces costs of running SCF and increases revenues

No integration or changes are required with your existing software SCF data or hosting.

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OweMe for Large Corporate Buyers

OweMe helps you get more out of your supply chain finance

Increase the number of your large suppliers using the supply chain finance

Increases the working capital potential of your SCF

Improves your net cash position

No integration required with your existing software SCF data or hosting.

OweMe for Suppliers

We help you receive money faster from your customers and get discounts from your vendors

OweMe helps you get discount on your 3rd party spend

It is a frictionless, flexible, and scalable solution for availing discounts

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